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    Adam DuBoulay, Director, The HACS Group. (Construction Sector)

    After searching the market for a package that suited our requirements, we felt that all the big names were simply not flexible enough to achieve what we needed without us bending our requirements. We are a very diverse organisation with a number of companies operating in different sectors but Roger and his team at Get Konnected walked us through what they could offer and we felt it was definitely the way forward for us. With Rogers previous industry experience, he totally understood what we were trying to achieve. The Get Konnected approach could not have been better. The App is totally personalised to us and not just in branding. Get Konnected have adapted it as required, step by step as it grew with our requirements. Massively reducing onsite paperwork and paper records at office level, it has improved our working systems tenfold with shareability being a key point. Bespoke reporting and controls could not have been better. Efficiency in onsite inspection for both Health and Safety and fault reporting is transformed with instant reports being delivered to all members of each team seconds later be they in house or external. Also running a large fleet of plant and machinery which is scattered around remote sites, we have found the App has transformed fault reporting and maintenance leading to less downtime and happier operators. Even our asset register has been transformed and unified using the app. While we were a little apprehensive about the acceptance of the App by some staff we need not have worried. Even the most wary and IT phobic amongst our staff found the system easy to understand and use. I could recommend Get Konnected to produce exactly what you require at a very sensible price.

    Aaran Herratt, Contracts Supervisor, Safety Net Services Ltd. (Construction Safety)

    During the pandemic we as a company found that it wasn’t very easy to work from home. The majority of our data was held in our office and not easily accessible remotely. We looked at many ways to make our company more digital and made contact with Roger form Get Konnected who already had a Remote Management Application already in use by similar companies in the same industry. We worked closely with Get Konnected and customised the app to suit our companies needs. In doing this we have reduced the amount of paper used and all the data is now easily accessible from anywhere not just for our Field Workers but also our Management. Our Field Workers now complete all their tasks on their mobile phones and we instantly have copies not only at our office but anywhere which is really useful for our managers when out on the road. We collect much more data now than before and this is done straight away making the information much more accurate. We run a fleet of vehicles and hired machinery and the app has improved fault reporting and collecting photos which is very useful. I have found since using this app that I have halved my weekly mileage driving round the country and reduced the amount of paper used in our company. Our Field Workers are very happy because they now have instant access to project details and information of past and future jobs. We have had lots of positive feedback from our clients who are impressed with our digital MEWP Inspections and Asset Inspections which can be sent straight from the mobile phone of the Field Worker. I would highly recommend Get Konnected as the app has saved us money and made us much more environmentally friendly.

    Jake Scott, General Manager, Safe Edge Ltd. (Construction Safety)

    From the minute I sat down with Roger and explained our needs I was confident that their systems flexibility was going to be the perfect package for us. The reduction in paper records throughout the company has resulted in a lot less information getting lost in transit from the remote workers and any activity on the hub is instantly accessible and visible to all users reducing any down time we use to experience waiting for paper documents to make it back to the office. The health and safety culture within our company has positively increased tenfold since implementing the hub system. The interaction with employees on health and safety has really engaged the workforces and allowed us to develop all our health and safety policies and procedures to benefit the company and our employees. Down time is again reduced due to the instant reporting and notification the management get when any employee is faced with a health and safety issue. We have all our assets registered on the hub. From simple P.P.E items through to our vehicle fleet. All set up with alerts for expiry dates for inspections and other legal requirements, allowing us to ensure our compliance and ultimately have fit for purpose assets that are maintained appropriately maximising the use of each asset. I highly recommend Get Konnected.

    Michael Grimbleby, Managing Director, Think access Ltd (Work at Height Specialists)

    Get Konnected is now the heart and soul of our business. It controls every aspect of the business from employee and contractor applications through to payroll and client invoicing. Get Konnected has been able to develop with us as the business grew or changed its needs. It is fair to say that in some instances the power of Get Konnected software has allowed the business to grow stronger than expected. We easily maintain control and contact with many field workers throughout the whole of the UK. Get Konnected heavily contributes to providing compliance our ISO9001 and ISO45001 registrations along with easy evidence to CHAS and other SSiP safety schemes and is as such invaluable. There is no doubt in my mind that this software is the best value for money you will find.

    Lewis Blythe - Commercial Director, Dirty Unicorn (Automotive Customisation)

    As a vehicle customisation business, our needs are diverse and unique. The only business management software that we could find to cater for our diversity was GetKonnected. It controls all elements of the business, from Customer CRM through to Final Invoice, Stock Levels to Safety Documentation Storage, Pre-Delivery Inspection to In-House Auditing. We are a modern company, with a management team that is always on the go, with GK we can access our systems any time, any place allowing us to help keep the whole team stay connected all of the time and ensure our product quality is second to none. Dirty Unicorn is proud to endorse GK!

    David Blundell - Business & Risk Manager, PB Forestry and Landscaping Ltd (Forestry Services)

    As a dynamic growing business we were keen to find a computer system that helped us tie in our operations and compliance management. Initially we went with an off the shelf system from a larger provider, but we very quickly realised that this solution did not have the flexibility we needed to meet our needs. We got in touch with Get Konnected and the difference was immediately evident, we were able to make changes to tailor the software to our requirements. Roger and his team remained responsive and supportive through the onboarding process – able to react to our requests but also push back and challenge our ideas when their experience of other customers installs questioned our logic. We are towards the end of our development phase and now have a system which truly reflects PB Forestry’s needs. We look forwards to working with the guys at GK to continue to improve our system over the coming months and years.